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The Dangerous God: Tim Keller MP3 It is no accident that the Bible often refers to judgment day as 'the Day of the LORD.' We live our lives as if we are the lead actors in the drama of this world. Judgment day is the day when God is paramount. On that day, all people will step back and see the world being put right when God is placed at the center of all things.
God's law: Tim Keller MP3 God's law is an expression of his character, not an arbitrary set of rules. Since we are made in his image, following his law leads to our flourishing. Yet, none of us can follow the law. We desire idols more than we desire God. This is why we need Jesus. He is the only one who ever kept the law perfectly. When we believe in him we get credit for his perfect obedience. With Jesus, we can obey the law without fear since we rest in his record, not our own.
A promise of hope: Tim Keller MP3 Adam and Eve sinned even before they ate the forbidden fruit. As soon as they asked themselves why they should obey God, they had sinned in their hearts. Sin is when we remove God as the ultimate authority and enthrone ourselves in his place. By elevating mankind above him, God's good and ordered world lost its integrity and became broken. Yet, the story of Adam and Eve does not end with despair, but with hope. God, in the midst of his judgment, promises that a day will come when one of Eve's children will utterly annihilate the power of sin.
Spiritual Warfare: Tim Keller MP3 Modern people are uncomfortable with the existence of evil, let alone the existence of the Devil. Yet, the Bible teaches that we cannot fully understand the world we live in unless we realize that there are supernatural agents of evil. But it is not enough to believe in the Devil; a Christian must study his methods. Satan practices evil subtly. He tempts and accuses people rather than overthrowing their will. Temptation is when the Devil asks us to ignore the holiness of God. Accusation is when he blinds us to the love and grace of God.
The Lost Ark: Tim Keller MP3 We cannot survive in this world without the presence of God. Yet, the holiness of God creates a chasm between God and man. The Bible vividly depicts this chasm when Uzzah is slain after merely touching the ark of the covenant. In this sermon, Tim Keller shows how Jesus Christ has satisfied the holiness of God in our place, and how through Him we can finally enjoy the presence of God.
David and Bathsheba: Tim Keller MP3 People are often surprised at how sinful so many Biblical 'heroes' are. One of the Bible's greatest characters, King David, commits one of the vilest sins ever recorded in its pages. We should learn from this that even a converted member of God's family can commit truly evil deeds. Yet, we also learn that the hope of the Bible is not that we have to become morally superior to the main Biblical characters. The hope of the Bible is that Jesus paid the penalty for David's sin and for our own.
God with us: Tim Keller MP3 What does it mean to say God is with us? The meaning of Christmas is that the Creator of the universe has become a human being. It means that the terrifying God who appeared in the Old Testament as a whirlwind and a fire has become a vulnerable baby in order to be close to us. What, in turn, will we do in order to be close to Him?
I Am He: Tim Keller MP3 On the night in which he was arrested, Jesus identified himself by saying simply, 'I am He.' His adversaries were literally knocked to the ground by the astonishing weight of the statement. As fellow Jews, they knew that Jesus was powerfully asserting his divinity. John's eyewitness account of the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane gives us the greatest claim, the greatest problem and the greatest mission in the history of the world.
Jesus our God: Tim Keller MP3 If the baby in manger really is God, then Jesus is not a mere teacher whose instructions we can accept or reject as we please. Instead, Jesus calls us to a life of radical obedience to Him. Christmas isn't about hanging out in front of comfortable fireplaces. When Jesus came into this world, he lost all his comfort. Jesus went from the joys of heaven to a filthy manger. Jesus likewise calls us to exit our comfort zones and live a life of adventure and service.
The meaning of Christmas: Tim Keller MP3 Christmas shows why Christianity is unique. In all other religions, a prophet arrives and teaches how we can find eternal life. In Christianity, God comes to us and gives himself as the way to eternal life. Christmas shows that salvation is by grace, that we can have true intimacy with God, that love really matters, and that there exists an unceasing river of joy beneath all the sorrows of this world.
Imitating the incarnation: Tim Keller MP3 Many people today believe that Jesus never claimed to be God. They think Jesus was merely a wise teacher whose followers later deified him. Yet, key passages, such as Philippians 2, demonstrate that from the very beginning of Christianity, Jesus was worshiped as God. In our lives, we can only see Jesus' love for us once we realize that he is God. Jesus left the perfect love of the Trinity in order to serve us. He then sends His disciples out into the world, following in his footsteps, serving and sacrificially loving others.
The Joy of the LORD is our strength - Seminar 2 - plus Q and A: Brad Hall MP3 In this second talk Brad explains how joy comes from being in the presence of the Lord, who is our strength. Given at the May 2013 Mini-Conference.
The Joy of the LORD is our strength - Seminar 1: Brad Hall MP3 In this first of two talks, Brad he builds the groundwork for our joy in the Lord by exploring the glorious grace of the gospel. Given at the May 2013 Mini-Conference.
Jesus - Lord in death: Richard Shumack MP3 We hide death in society and avoid thinking and talking about it. In Jesus we can face death because He is Lord over it.
The gospel diamond: Ed Hercus MP3
How is our hearing?: Ed Hercus MP3
Jesus plus Life and the New Birth: Ed Hercus MP3
Forgive us our sins: JR Vassar MP3 From the series 'Teach us to pray'.
The surpassing value of knowing Christ: Andrew Mackie MP3 Christianity - following Jesus - is a dramatic reassessment of value in our lives. We become a Christian when we realise that our righteousness is worthless in comparison to Christ's. We stand firm in Christ by knowing Him more so that we value him more, allowing the surpassing value of Christ to reorder every other value in our lives. And we have joy and take comfort as we look forward to His return.
Greed - The case of the rich young ruler: Tim Keller MP3 The rich young ruler in this passage has followed all the rules, but receives an astonishing rebuttal from Jesus. Any encounter with the 'real' Jesus shocks us. His religious assumptions failed him because he didn't understand treasure in heaven, and failed to recognize the true freedom and inheritance Jesus offers us.
Sin as slavery: Tim Keller MP3 Why do we sin - even when we know right from wrong? Sin is a power that enslaves us, but we can be freed from its power by encountering God through worship.
The Gospel and Your Wealth: Tim Keller MP3 Money will always reveal what you truly worship. As God's money managers, we are called to share the money he has provided to us with those who do not have as much. However, money exercises great power over us and we are often oblivious to this power. If you feel unable to part with your wealth, meditate upon the radical generosity of Christ on the cross and he will become the treasure of your heart.
Christ our prophet: Tim Keller MP3 We yearn for a truth outside of ourselves. We yearn for a God who speaks to us. Christianity differs from all other religions because Jesus Christ not only brings us the truth, but He IS the truth. When we acknowledge Jesus as Lord and put ourselves under His truth, then we will know true freedom.
The Word became flesh: Richard Shumack MP3 We'd like a God who is either all grace (forgiveness) or all truth (telling those bad people what's wrong with them). But when Jesus became flesh, we saw that God is full of both grace AND truth.
The upper room: Tim Keller MP3 Jesus shares insights into the meaning of his life and approaching death, illustrated by the Passover meal. The cross is a symbol for the center of history, the foundation for a new community, and the solution to the Mystery.
Friendship: Tim Keller MP3 Wise people are good at choosing, forging, and keeping friendships. The marks of a true friend are constancy, carefulness, candor, and counsel. When you are liberated to be the great friend you need to be by the great friendship of Jesus on the cross, then you will find yourself getting, paradoxically, all the friends your heart needs.
Benediction: Tim Keller MP3 The benediction at the conclusion of a church service is not merely a perfunctory few words while the congregation reaches for their bags. Rather, it is a reminder of the great blessing of God. In this sermon, Tim Keller explains what God's blessing is, how we can get it, and how it reshapes our lives.
The still small voice: Tim Keller MP3 The reality of God is far greater than our conceptions of God. In this passage, Elijah, persecuted and feeling hopeless, returns to the mountain where God appeared to Moses and hopes for a similar spectacular revelation of His glory. Yet God confounds and comforts Elijah by appearing as a still small voice.
God is The Gospel - Session 3 of 3: John Piper MP3 Desiring God 2006 Regional Conference
God is The Gospel - Session 2 of 3: John Piper MP3 Desiring God 2006 Regional Conference
God is The Gospel - Session 1 of 3: John Piper MP3 Desiring God 2006 Regional Conference
God is The Gospel - (standalone message): John Piper MP3 At Resolved 2007, Pastor John asked how the truth that 'God is The Gospel' relates to 1) the glory of God, 2) the love of God, 3) conversion, 4) The Gospel as it is usually preached rightly, 5) being salt and light, and 6) evangelism.
Right here, right now: Paul David Tripp MP3 The cross of Jesus Christ is not just for your entry into faith. It's not just for the forgiveness of your sins. It's not just for the eternal salvation in heaven when you die. The cross of Jesus Christ provides you with everything you need for a lifestyle of faith, right here, right now.
The final hour: Tim Keller MP3 The cross solves many of our deepest human dilemmas. We wonder how there can be a God when there is so much injustice in the world, yet of all the world's religions, only Christianity has a God who comes down and suffers injustice alongside us. We wonder how we can ever truly please a perfectly holy God, but on the cross, Jesus satisfies the holiness of God for us. The temple curtain is torn, and we are welcomed inside as God's children.
Become a little child: Tim Keller MP3 What did Jesus mean when he said that he came to give his life as a ransom for many? In this sermon Tim Keller explains the objective and subjective meanings of the cross. Objectively, Jesus paid the debt we owe that separates us from God. Subjectively, the cross turns us into little children, running boldly into our Father's loving arms because of what Jesus has done.
Justified sinners: Tim Keller MP3 The definition of a Christian is an honored failure, a justified sinner, both righteous and fallen. Righteousness is not something we gain by working for it; we receive it because Jesus died on the cross. Only when we see that we are still sinners, but sinners who are justified by Him, can we understand and experience the dynamite love of Christ.
Born of The Gospel: Tim Keller MP3 Seasons of spiritual dryness and disillusionment are inevitable in life, and may derail your faith. They don't seem to fit with a just and holy God. Psalm 42 offers a prescription for your soul when it seems impossible to feel close to God and sense his l
The new birth: Tim Keller MP3 A common misunderstanding of being 'born again' is that it's an experience for broken people, a way for outcasts and moral failures to 'turn their life around.' Yet, when Jesus teaches on being born again, He does so by challenging a man who is the very opposite of the 'born again' stereotype. Nicodemus was an upright moral man and a leader in his society-and yet Jesus said that all of his accomplishments meant nothing unless he was born again.
The Gospel and your self: Tim Keller MP3 When God moves from being a concept to a reality, he changes our beliefs and priorities. Once changed, we can live new lives for him.
The difference between amazement and faith: Paul David Tripp MP3 Being amazed by Jesus is not the same as putting your faith in - and being saved by - him.
The real lost gospel: Darrell Bock MP3 The Gospel is more than forgiveness - it's a connection to God.
Jesus plus nothing equals everything: Tullian Tchividijian MP3 We can't - and don't need to - add anything to The Gospel.


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