Richard Shumack

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The Ordinaryness of Sin MP3 Looking at Judas' betrayal of Jesus, we tend to view him as an arch-enemy of Christ. The Gospels, however, don't describe him that way - they reveal him to be an ordinary man who gives in to his very ordinary desire for money. As Christians we need to recognise that sin is ordinary - so ordinary that we frequently ignore it - so that we recognise it and avoid falling for the temptations that we barely notice. We must seek a deeper intimacy with Jesus and in doing so our temptations will be revealed for what they are.
Jesus - Lord in death MP3 We hide death in society and avoid thinking and talking about it. In Jesus we can face death because He is Lord over it.
The Word became flesh MP3 We'd like a God who is either all grace (forgiveness) or all truth (telling those bad people what's wrong with them). But when Jesus became flesh, we saw that God is full of both grace AND truth.
A community of prayer MP3
Jesus - Hide and Seek MP3 God hides himself from us so that he can find us on his terms, not ours.


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