Redeemer Prayer Resources

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NYC) has pulled together a collection of resources on prayer, mostly blog posts and talks. This 'course' is a podcast containing all of the talks mentioned in these locations:

  1., and
Note, however, that:
  1. two of the talks listed on these Redeemer sites are available only as streaming media (and therefore don't appear on this podcast), and
  2. another, more recently available talk - 'Basis of Prayer: Our Father' - has also been added.

Other talks on prayer can be also found on the prayer podcast.

ELA Conference 2010

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Telling people about Jesus - Your job or mine?' A series of talks from an evangelism training conference run by the North West Partnership, a group of bible-believing churches in North-West England and the North of Wales.

Persuasive Preaching

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Doing your exegesis is only half of the job of preaching. The purpose of preaching is not to deliver a blow-by-blow account of your biblical exegesis, it's to understand the inherent purpose of the passage - its application - and to deliver that application so that it changes the life of those who hear it, as they hear it. These talks from Tim Keller, Murray Capill and David Cook explain the purpose and skill of preaching and provide instruction on how to preach more effectively.

Other talks on preaching are also available on the preaching podcast.

Urban Plant Life

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A conference held by the London City Mission in 2008 for those interested in urban church planting.

Cultural Renewal

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